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Simplify your workflow

For busy professionals in sales and post-sales who need a more efficient workflow.

Partnerbeat keeps you organized across meetings, account plans, tasks and deals with less work. Integrated with your calendar and CRM.

Teams at top companies rely on Partnerbeat


More efficient
Save time organizing, tracking, and sharing information. Less effort updating your CRM.


CRM hygiene
5x your deal updates, meetings logged, and notes added to the CRM with less effort.

2 min

Average time to set up.
Simple to get started. Start as a single user or with your team. No admin needed.
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Move out of hacky siloed productivity tools that aren't catered to sales and post-sales.

Capture meeting notes, account plans, tasks, and deals with less work.

Integrated with your calendar, sent to your CRM.

Don’t get lost in siloed productivity tools.

Scale your workweek

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Stay organized across meetings, notes, tasks, opportunities, and docs in one place.

Cut out CRM work

Update your CRM notes automatically so you don't have to. Get automated reminders on key CRM fields to update so you don't forget.

Don't forget context

Show up to your meetings with the context you need. Don't forget key details about the people and companies you meet with.

Know your hidden risks

Automatically capture your activity and know where your time is going. Find where you should shift focus.

Improve handoffs

Make handoffs simple. Cut down the time and effort to handoff clients to new teammates or other teams.

CRM Hygeine

Automatically update your CRM

Automatically keep your manager in the loop and your CRM updated.

All meetings on your calendar and call notes are logged for you. Opportunities are updated right from meetings.

Calendar and CRM integrated (2 min set up)

Simple UI to capture call notes, tasks, docs

Easily analyze your activity with accounts


Get more from meetings

Get more from the time you spend in meetings with clients and your team.

Maximize meeting outcomes by having all the context you need baked into your meetings.

Apply best-practice talking points

Remember key details from past meetings

Collect takeaways across all your meetings

Integrated with your existing systems

Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
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Revamp your workflow.

Don't get stuck in siloed tools - calendar, notebooks, a task manager, docs, the CRM. Theses tools are siloed and make it hard to prioritize what's next.

No more juggling between different tools

Calendar, notes, tasks, docs and accounts in one place

Automatically keep your CRM updated

Keep your manager in the loop

Improve your touchpoints

When you're taking lots of calls, it's hard to show up prepared. Embed best practices right into your meetings so you get the most out of that time.

2x your efficiency

Save time organizing information and simplify how you update your CRM.


Not convinced? Hear from our customers

Excellent organizational tool
"Partnerbeat has been an excellent organizational tool to help me manage my team. It's an intuitive way of keeping track of your tasks, recalling notes/action items and reducing redundancies. It's a tool I use on a daily basis!"
Brian Lee
Senior Sales Director, Pavillion
Crucial to our ability to scale and grow
"With Partnerbeat, we're able to seamlessly collaborate and share learnings internally and cross-functionally - As a growing startup, this has been crucial to our ability to scale and grow our team efficiently."
Rachel McMurray
Senior Manager, Account Management, Anyroad

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For cross-functional teams frustrated with unproductive meetings, a lack of transparency, and poor activity tracking.
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For managers looking for better transparency across the team and to help the team adopt best practices.
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For large companies looking to drive productivity through connected systems, process, and transparency.
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Revamp your workweek

Tackle your workweek with ease. Transform how you meet, prioritize tasks, and share context with an all-in-one platform.

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