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The easiest way to stay organized across your accounts

Made for customer and partner managers who live by their calendars and notes. Simplify your workflow while keeping your CRM updated.

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What people say

"Partnerbeat really helped me achieve my New Years resolution to improve my call notes. Using Partnerbeat's GCAL extension and templates I am taking the notes I need to support my customer relationships better."."

Customer Success Manager

Drone Deploy

"Love seeing all my clients...and switching easily back and forth between (them), especially when I have back-to-back meetings."

Account Manager


With Partnerbeat, we're able to seamlessly collaborate and share learnings internally and cross-functionally - As a growing startup, this has been crucial to our ability to scale and grow our team efficiently.

Sr. Manager, Account Management


Your workflow organized

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Partnerbeat integrates with your calendar and CRM to help you keep track of what's happening every day.

Tackle back-to-back meetings easily

Simplify how you prioritize tasks & opportunities

Track customer engagement automatically

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Less CRM admin

Partnerbeat helps you easily update your CRM so you don't have to remember when to do it. Your team will be shocked that your CRM updates are always in.

Streamline your CRM updates

Call notes sent to your CRM for you

Update deals right from your meetings


Improve meetings

Be prepared for every call with less effort. Partnerbeat surfaces all the past context right in line so you can show up to your calls ready to go!

Show up prepared, with less effort

Remember context about clients and partner

Easily update your CRM right from your meeting

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Know your hidden risks

Know where client engagement is falling through the cracks. Don't spend time looking through dashboards, let us do it for you!

Reminders about upcoming opportunities to engage with

Reminders to engage with quiet accounts

Know how you're spending your time


Collaborate across teams

Share call notes and docs with anyone

Help teammates stay in the loop

Make handoffs easy

Non-Partnerbeat users collaborate for free

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