The smart way to take meeting notes

Show up to meetings confidently, save hours of tedious work each week, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
Smart Context

Show up to meetings with confidence

It's hard to quickly prepare for meetings. With Smart Meeting Notes, all the context you need is at your fingertips. From your calendar, access past notes, LinkedIns, emails, action items, CRM data, Gong recordings, and call templates.
CRM Automation

Automate hours of CRM admin work

Logging CRM fields is tedious. Partnerbeat intelligently pulls data from your Calendar and Smart Meeting Notes into the CRM for you, so you can focus on the work you enjoy.

Meeting activity

Capture every time you meet with a prospect or client.

Call notes

Collect every meeting note on the relevant account or deal.

Meeting dates

Capture the date of the next meeting or last meeting for a deal or account.
Date Reminders

Never forget important dates

It's hard to stay on top of important dates. Partnerbeat does the work for you. With machine learning, Partnerbeat reminds you of important dates and tasks right on your calendar.
Deal Grooming

Painless deal updates

Updating deals can be a pain. Partnerbeat's Deal Grooming experience makes deal updates quick and painless, right from your calendar and inside your meeting notes.
Quick Access

Find what you need, when you need it

Every meeting note, action item, and touchpoint is fully searchable and organized for you so you can be organized, effortlessly.

Access from your calendar

Access meeting knowledge right from your calendar.

Search by keyword

Robust search across every meeting and note.

Linked to Gong

Quickly access meeting transcripts from your calendar.

Organized for you

Your meetings are auto-organized by relationship.
How to get started

2-minute set up

Connect your Google calendar and CRM. No admin needed.
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Login with Google

Login with your work calendar in one click.
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Get your Google Chrome Plugin

Get the Google Plugin in one click.

Connect your CRM

Connect your CRM at any point. No admin needed.

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