For Agencies who need to manage multiple accounts.

3  Social profiles
12 Team members
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile

Pay as you grow!

Enhance your websites and unlock all kinds of functionality. Find and embed plugins and widgets. Get free and premium images, videos, and other assets for your site.

$ 128.00 USD
Account Features
Schedule Messages
Social Accounts
3 - 5
Publishing & Scheduling
Publishing Calendar
Custom branded URL
Campaign management
Campaign planning
Campaign tagging and reporting
Report templates

We’ve got you covered

Partnerbeat is easy to set up, free to use, and quickly adopted.

How do I get started with Partnerbeat?

The best way to know if Partnerbeat is right for you is to try it, for free!

We offer three free seats per company, so you can explore our platform for as long as you like.

How hard is it to get set up with Partnerbeat?

There is no implementation! Signing up takes just 2 minutes for each user and you can self-onboard.

When you signup, you'll sign in with your Google account and the app will automatically find your relationships.

Then, when you take a meeting with a client, you can choose to connect to your CRM which is a quick authentication.

How do I share Partnerbeat with my team?

If you manage a team, start by using Partnerbeat yourself, for free.

It doesn't matter if you don't manage Client/Partner relationships directly.

Once you're in, you can explore the app and invite others to join.

What can I expect if my team uses Partnerbeat?

If you manage a team, you can expect to have higher transparency into what's happening across your team each week.

You'll see higher CRM updates, more call notes taken, and exactly what's coming up next.


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We believe everyone deserves access to help, when they need it.

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