Easily manage business relationships

Partnerbeat transforms how you manage clients or partners by moving you out of siloed hacked together tools. Just click into your calendar and start preparing for calls.

#Spaces are your one-stop-shop

Each client or partner relationship lives in a #Space

Collaborative or Individual

Built for collaboration AND individual work. In a single #Space, information can be private, or visible to your team.

Connected meetings

Your meetings are auto-connected from your calendar so you can quickly prepare.

Easily track tasks & goals

Bring tasks and goals out of siloed tools and into one easy to add and track view.

Seamless chat

Bring communication out of lost email chains and into Partnerbeat chat where you can ping your team or client/partner from one view!

Store and share resources

Bring docs and links out of siloed folders and wikis and into Resources where you can quickly find and comment on them.

Smart Notebooks

Meetings connected


Your calendar meetings are auto-connected into a smart notebook for each customer or partner, making it easy to prepare!


Action items added to meeting notes flow back to your task list making it easy to prioritize whats next!


Easily scale across customers and partners


Easily prioritize your work across all your Customers & Partners.​


It's like a smart spreadsheet where you can compare what's happening across your #Spaces. Including how you're spending your time!


Reflect on your progress!

For relationship managers

Easily manage and deepen business relationships

Partnerbeat was built to improve business relationships. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks in your most important relationships and build trust through collaboration and transparency.

Customer Success


Account Managers

Implementation & Onboarding