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For cross-functional teams frustrated with unproductive meetings, a lack of transparency, and poor activity tracking.
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For managers looking for better transparency across the team and to help the team adopt best practices.
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For large companies looking to drive productivity through connected systems, process, and transparency.

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Get more from meetings
Launch notes from your Calendar
No more messy notes in siloed tools
Meeting notebooks
Organize  prospects, clients, partners, and 1-on-1
Robust Search
Find information across meetings and notes
Meeting Templates
Save time on meeting prep. No more copy paste.
1-on-1 Activity Report
Embed key progress metrics into your 1:1 meetings
Action Item Tracking
Track who owns what, due when, right from meetings
Collaborate on meetings
Collaborate with team or external attendees
Loop in teammates and management
Highlight product feedback or objections for teammates
Quickly access Gong transcripts from meetings
People tracking
Automatically track frequency of engagement by POC
Improve CRM & Meeting Hygiene
One click meeting note & activity push
In one click, push a note or log a meeting in your CRM
Pipeline and renewal updates from meetings
From your meetings add and edit deals in your CRM
Opportunities and renewals tables
Update and share deals and renewals in a simpler view
Auto-sync meetings
Automatically log calls to your CRM activity
Auto-sync notes
Automatically send and update meeting notes to the CRM
Groom opportunities and renewals
Automated workflow emailed to you with fields to update
Auto-track & analyze your activity
Auto-track Engagement with Companies
Ensure you're meeting with companies at the right times
Auto-track Engagement with POCs
Ensure you're not single-threaded in B2B relationships
Auto-track your meeting activity
Ensure you have healthy meeting metrics
Capture & share docs scaleably
Unlimited Docs
Docs can be for anything! Make them private, team-visible or shared
Shareable, Editable Docs
Non-users can collaborate on account plans, onboarding lists, etc
Shareable, Editable Docs
Non-users can collaborate on account plans, onboarding lists, etc
Stay on top of things
Alerts - Collaboration
Know when teammates update notes or comment
Task organizer
Task inbox. Pre-tagged by meeting and account
Google Tasks Integrated
Action items sync with your Google Tasks and Calendar
Google Calendar
Outlook 365 Calendar
Google Meet
Google Tasks
Restrict admin roles
Restrict invitations
Unlimited Genius Bar Support
Bespoke CRM integration work
Apps & Extensions
Google Chrome Extension
macOS App

All plans include

Be able to see what is important and make changes instantly with powerful data analytics.

24/7 Support
API  Integration
User Permissions
Email notifications
Real-time reporting
Messages in one inbox
Add-on users
API  Integration
Schedule multiple posts
Engagement notifications
Unlimited Reviewing
Compliance integrations
24/7 Support
Messages in one inbox
Engagement notifications
Add-on users
Report templates
API  Integration
Assign Members
User Permissions
Add-on users
24/7 Support
Messages in one inbox
Compliance integrations
Schedule multiple posts
Add-on users
Post scheduling
Engagement notifications
API  Integration
User Permissions
Report templates

Tackle your week like never before.

Improve your work inefficiencies and team collaboration. Meetings, notes, tasks, docs and your accounts all connected right from your calendar. Easily scale and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

SmartER notes

Don't forget key details from meetings

Today, most AEs, CSMs, and AMs use a hacky notebook to capture details about the people they meet with.

One-click context

Connect smart notes directly to your calendar for each meeting. Just click to see all the context you need.

Best-practice call templates

Preparing for meetings rarely happens. Partnerbeat's meeting templates help you show up prepared in one click.

Tasks in one place

Simple task manager

After a long day of meetings and requests, all the action items flow back to one place where it's easy to prioritize what to do next.

Simple to stay organized

An easier way to stay organized, with a simple and modern task manager connected to your accounts

Meeting action items organized

All your action items from meetings flow back to your task inbox, so it's easy to prioritize whats next

Update the crm

Less work to maintain your CRM

The simplest way to stay on top of CRM updates.

Auto-send your notes to the CRM

Automatically log meetings and send call notes right from your calendar.

Update opportunities and deals

Keep deals updated right from your meetings, and get automated reminders of what might be falling through the cracks.

Activity dashboard

Activity captured for you

Your meeting and time spent activity is captured for you so you can easily see where you need to make changes in your workweek.

Account engagement

Track who you're meeting with and how often to make sure no clients or partners fall through the cracks.

Your time spent

Track how your time is broken up across meetings week over week. Know if you're spending too much time in team meetings and not enough time with clients and partners.

Here’s how we compare

Compare our features against other solutions in the market, and make the right decision for your business.

Account Features
Automated Dashboard
Customizable reports
Social Media Accounts
24/7 Priority Support
Post boosting
Bulk Scheduling
Additional Users

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How hard is it to get set up with Partnerbeat?

Signing up takes just 2 minutes for each user and you can self-onboard.

When you signup, you'll sign in with your Google account and the app will automatically find your relationships.

You can choose to connect to your CRM which is a quick authentication.

How do I share Partnerbeat with my team?

Once you're signed in, you can explore the app and invite others to join.

What can I expect if my team uses Partnerbeat?

If you're part of a team using Partnerbeat, you can work privately or share information with your team.


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