Space List: Get the birds-eye-view

Updated: Feb 26

Lots of folks have a secret hacky spreadsheet where they keep whats actually happening in their client or partner relationships. We're automating that hacky spreadsheet!

How it works

Your Space List is like a smart spreadsheet where you can add and compare key information across Spaces.

In this video we look at Acme Corp in the Space list and figure out...

  • which other Spaces have a B2B tag like Acme Corp

  • when we last met with Acme Corp

  • when we're meeting with them next

  • how much time I spent with them

  • how many tasks I'm working on for Acme Corp (including their $ impact and which ones are at risk)

From your Space List, you can sort and filter your spaces by all this information making it easy to compare across your Spaces and determine where to focus next. Especially if you sort by renewal date!

Best Practice Tip

If you add renewal dates to your Spaces, you'll see those renewals on your Dashboard which is where you can track your progress.

Compare across Spaces and determine where to focus in your Space List!

- The Partnerbeat Team