Shared Sites: Collaborate with clients or partners

Updated: Feb 26

Today, most folks work with clients or partners through email.

They send meeting notes, action items, shared docs and links....but all this information often gets lost in long email threads.

To solve this, we built Shared Sites! Here's an example.

It's a collaborative site

A Shared Site is a secure website where you can work with clients or partners - send chats, notes and resources, and track outstanding action items and goals.

Check out this video - it shows you where to go to view Shared Sites from your Spaces and what a Shared Site looks like.

Save time, speed up projects & build transparency

Collaborating in Shared Sites is a great way to be transparent and build deeper, more trusting relationships with your clients or partners.

Get out of lengthy email threads and use Partnerbeat to speed up your conversations.

Get faster contract negotiations, product rollouts, and onboarding!

No more emailed meeting notes and action items which get glossed over and lost. Manage projects and outstanding tasks together in one collaborative place.

How it works

Every Space is already connected to a Shared Site. In a Space, you can add information that's:

  • private (visible to only you)

  • team (visible by your team)

  • shared (visible by your client/partner)

The "shared" information is what shows up in the Shared Site.

You just invite your client/partner to the Shared Site without them needing a Partnerbeat account! They love that part - no passwords to remember or logins. And don't worry, only people who have access can open the link.

Best practices

It's helpful to add the Shared Site link into your meeting invitations so your clients and partners always have the link handy.

You can use the Tasks and Goals to do Account Planning with your clients and partners instead of using traditional presentations. Traditional presentations are great for presenting data, but not great for tracking what you're planning to work on together. Partnerbeat gives you a dynamic way to keep everyone up to date.

Build transparency and longer lasting relationships with clients and parters in Partnerbeat Shared Sites.

- The Partnerbeat Team