My Summary: How to get the most from your Summary

Updated: Feb 26

Use your Summary to save time and better manage your workflow!

Solve back-to-back meeting prep!

Quickly click into your meetings for the day to add agenda topics or goals for the meeting.

If the meeting is already connected to a #Space you'll see all past meetings for that Space in the same view - making it easy to gain past context and figure out what to cover in your meeting.

Determine your focus for the day

Pick tasks off of your backlog to work on Next Up! Next Up should be what you actually plan to focus on between your meetings for the day.

Quickly organize all the small tasks

From your Summary you can quickly add a task to any #Space making it easy to jot down all the small things.

Keep an eye on your goals

Try to have at least one "Next Up" task that will help push your goals forward.

Check when your next renewal is, so you are ready for what's next!

Check-in on how you're spending your time

Click into your week view to see how you're planning to spend your week.

We hope this helps you save time and better manage your workflow!

- The Partnerbeat Team

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