Hey Managers, we hear you!

Most managers have lots of meetings, and little time to look at dashboards, assess risks, or remind their team about processes.

Check out how we can help!

Improve team CRM Hygeine

Get more accurate CRM data so your reports are always up to date. Partnerbeat helps your team update your CRM regularly so you don't have to remind them. Your team will love you for this.

“I showed up to our team meeting, and the team actually updated all their opportunities. That never happens. I usually have to call people out. We used to scramble to update everything each time our execs asked a question. No one is complaining anymore!"

Revenue Ops Lead

Marketing Tech

See hidden risks

Checking dashboards takes a lot of time. We keep an eye on things for you. Get alerts for risks across your team. Low engagement, key activities taken in Salesforce, notes we think you should read, and how each teammember is spending time. 

“Wow, Partnerbeat is analyzing everyone's calendar. This is sick. These are the relationships we need to reach out to more. And the ones that are single threaded."

VP of Customer Success

Event Tech

Capture lost customer context

Retain customer or partner information that ‘s usually lost in your teams’ private notes, their calendar, or random docs. Improve information sharing and make account handoffs easy.

“People left the team, and we actually know what happened with their clients and where they left off. Anyone can pick it up. So the new hires aren't starting cold."

VP of Customer Success

Marketing Tech

Real-time transparency

Stop wondering what's happening with clients. See a feed of all the meetings your team is taking, and their call notes IN REAL TIME. One easy to search place that's a “god-like” view into exactly what’s happening.

“I get a feed of who is meeting with who, and I can see call prep as it's happening. I don’t have to ping people or wait for them to proactively post to Slack. It’s like god view! I still can’t believe my team is actually taking all their call notes in here. It was like pulling teeth before, but now they just do it. And their notes are way better.”

VP of Customer Success

Event Tech

Organize your own work

Managers have lots of 1:1s and use siloed google docs to keep track of things. Partnerbeat helps you keep track of what's happening across all your 1:1s and manage your team relationships in one place.

“I used to track my 1:1s in Google docs before (Partnerbeat). Lots of clicking around, and I felt all over the place with my meetings. Now in one click on my calendar, I know what we talked about last time and can jot down agenda topics throughout the week for us. I'm managing 8 people, and it's been way easier. We get more done. I feel like a better manager."

VP of Sales

Community Platform

Help your team

It's hard to find software that teams actually use. Partnerbeat was built first for end users. They actually use the software every day, and love it.

"I am amazed at the platform you have built, including the integrations, and user friendly capabilities!


Account Manager Lead

B2B Marketing Tech

Make cross-team handoffs automatic

AEs, AMs, BDRs, CSMs are all touching customer relationships at different points. Most of the information never gets handed off. Partnerbeat brings all the past context into a single collaborative place, to make handoffs happen automatically as soon as someone new engages with a client.

“I can see all the past meeting notes from our AE right when I click on the next meeting. I don't have to slack around to find the information, it's all right there!"

Account Manager

B2B Platform