Easy to setup

Partnerbeat is built for end users. Just login with your work Google Calendar!

1. Login with your work Google Calendar

2. We magically find your business relationships and create #Spaces for you

3. Join the #Spaces and get started!

Workflow management

Work independently or collaborate

Easily manage your own workflow across your external relationships. No more siloed tools and lost information.


Invite teammates, clients or partners

Invite teammates to #Spaces and clients or partners to Shared Sites.

James John

Kim Kimberly


Shared Sites

Clients and partners easily engage

Once invited, clients and partners get an invite email with a link to the Shared Site. 

They enter a unique code from their email and are in! No account needed!


Mike Michaels invited you to collaborate with them in a Partnerbeat Shared Site!

Visit your shared site.

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