Be more organized and on top of your work with less effort. Partnerbeat connects your calendar, notes, docs, tasks, opportunities, and analytics in a smarter way to help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Easier Meeting Notes

From your calendar, click on a meeting and you're ready to go!

Access meeting notes right from your calendar

Apply meeting templates from researched best practices

Easy call prep with past meetings, open opportunities, and action items in view

Easily track action items across all your meetings

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#Spaces for each relationship

Every company you engage with has it's own "Space". All meetings, tasks, and opportunities flow back to the Space.

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Simpler task management

Easily prioritize your action items in one list. All your action items across your meetings roll back to a single list.


Seamlessly update opportunities & deals

Quickly update your opportunities right from your meeting note, or in a weekly smart grooming workflow that highlights exactly what to update.

Account Plans and Docs

Lots of Account Plans get created but are never updated. In Partnerbeat, account plans, handoff docs, and outreach docs actually get used.

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Alerts & Analysis

Partnerbeat tracks how your weeks are going for you and lets you know if we see something off, so you can stay focused on tackling your week.

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Supported Integrations


Partnerbeat connects to your Calendar right at onboarding. 


Partnerbeat can (optionally) connect directly to your CRM. The bi-directional integration makes it easy to push notes & opportunities to your CRM.