Customer Success Managers, we hear you!

Many CSMs have lots of meetings and accounts, and too little time to organize information, look at dashboards, update the CRM, or remember to follow best practices. See how we help!

Easily tackle your calls

Be prepared for every call. Partnerbeat surfaces all the past context right in line so you can show up to your calls ready to go!

“I can easily tackle back-to-back calls. I just click on the meeting and all the context I need is there. I add the template and I’m rollin!”


Customer Success Manager

Field tech

Organize the chaos

Many CSMs have tons of meetings and lots of accounts. Staying organized and on top of everything is hard - there are lots of siloed google docs, notes, tasks, and meetings. Partnerbeat makes it easy to take meeting notes, track your action items, and see all your relationships in one place. It’s your secret weapon to staying organized.

“(Partnerbeat) is much easier than using asana + google docs + SFDC!”

Customer Success Manager

Marketing Tech

Less time doing admin

Spend less time updating your CRM.  Partnerbeat helps you update your CRM regularly so you don't have to remember when to do it. Your team will be shocked that your CRM updates are always in.

“I was bad at staying on top of my Salesforce updates before (Partnerbeat). Now my team is like what the h*ll happened, why is all your stuff in here all of a sudden. (Partnerbeat) is my secret weapon."

Customer Success Manager