Automate tedious CRM work

Pull meeting data from calendars automatically. Auto-sync call notes. Get deals updated on time. Just 30 minutes to set up.
Calendar Sync

Get the meeting data you need

Don't spend hours of your teams time logging events in the CRM. Let Partnerbeat do it for you. Capture calendar events automatically, and get more complete data.

Meeting activity

Get full visibility of all events happening with clients and prospects. Pull meeting data right from your teams’ calendars.

Meetings coming up

Want to know which clients or prospects have meetings scheduled? Capture the next meeting date right from your teams calendar.

Last meeting

Want to know which clients or prospects your team hasn't met with in too long? Pull the last meeting date right from your teams calendar.
Deal Reminders and Deal Grooming

Get deal updates on time

Make it easy to get the deal data you need.

Automated deal reminders

Nudge your team to update their deals at the right time, right from their calendar.

Make deal updates easy

Give your team an easier way to update their deals so they actually do it.
Calendar Analytics

Optimize your teams time

Understand how your team spends time and where to improve it. Calendar Analytics intelligently scans your teams calendar to surface where time goes.
How it works

Automate tedious CRM work

Choose your automations

Choose what data you want to pull from your teams calendars and map it to your CRM fields.

Send a login link to your team

At login, your team just connects their calendar in two clicks.

Watch the data flow in

Meeting data from your teams calendars automatically flows to the right spot in your CRM.

As your team uses Partnerbeat's Smart Meeting Notes and Deal Grooming, notes and deal data sends to the right spot in your CRM automatically.
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