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For individuals or small teams who want an easy way to manage clients/partners each day


per user / per month

Unlimited Spaces!

Each Space holds a client/partner relationship. It's like having your calendar, notebook, task manager, chat app, and drive in one beautifully connected place.

Easy Collaboration

Unlimited shared sites to collaborate with Clients/Partners securely.

Summary and Space List

It's all connected. Like having a smart spreadsheet! Easily update and analyze activity across client/partner Spaces.

Time spent data

Automatically analyze time spent per relationship so you can determine ROI and easily prioritize.

Dashboard Tracking

Easily prioritize and plan your next 6 months across renewals and growth.


For teams and their managers who want to make reporting and planning simple


per user / per month

All the Starter benefits plus...

Salesforce integration

Automatically send notes and get renewal data. Easy CRM hygiene - no more copy & paste!

Forecasts (Managers)

Quickly forecast churn and upsells. Always know where your team stands.

Analyze ROI (Managers)

Easily compare workload and time spent across the team with their clients/partners.

Stay up to date (Managers)

Quickly see what work is happening and when it was last updated. No more "did you update the CRM."


For teams who want to embed data in their workflow and always have the full picture


per user / per month

All the Starter & Professional benefits plus...

Data integrations

Get the whole picture by adding data to each Space - quickly see how each relationship is performing based on key metrics.


Suggested actions based on your metrics. It's like having a coach embedded in your workflow!