BDRs & SDRs, we hear you!

Many BDRs and SDRs work closely with their Account Executives, but don't have a great way to collaborate on deals together.

See how we help!

Easily coordinate with AEs

Make coordinating with AEs easy. Collaborate with AEs on meetings, prospect context, and see how prospects are moving forward.

"I work with both of my AEs (in Partnerbeat). I can pass along prospect context  into the next prospect meeting...I know exactly when they are meeting and where they are at. Helps us stay aligned."

Business Development Rep

Organize the chaos

Many BDRs and SDRs manage their workflow across lots of siloed tools - their calendar, task list, notes, docs. Partnerbeat brings your whole workflow into a single simple place to help you be more organized and structured.

"(Partnerbeat) makes a ton of sense. It just makes it simple to keep everything together and know what I'm working on."

Business Development Representative

Marketing Tech