Account Executives, we hear you!

Many AEs have too many meetings, and too little time to organize information, update the CRM, or remember to follow best practices.

Less time doing admin

Spend less time updating your CRM.  Partnerbeat helps you update your CRM regularly so you don't have to remember when to do it. Your team will be shocked that your CRM updates are always in.

 "I f*cking love (Partnerbeats) smart salesforce grooming. It keeps me on top of my updates. I don't have to think about it."

Sales Director

Easily tackle your calls

Be prepared for every call. Partnerbeat surfaces all the past context right in line with best practice templates, so you can show up to your calls ready to go!

“I have tons of back-to-backs...There’s no time to prep or go find all the past notes. (In Partnerbeat) I just click the meeting and it's all there. It’s like my cheat sheet. I used to be flustered jumping to calls."

Account Executive

B2B Tech

Organize the chaos

Many AEs have tons of meetings and lots of accounts. Staying organized and on top of everything is impossible, especially when most folks are using siloed google docs, notes apps, task managers, and their calendar. Partnerbeat brings your whole workflow into one place, so it's easy to manage your work and stay organized across all your accounts.

“Before (Partnerbeat), I used apple notes, task managers, notebooks on my floor, and constantly asking my teammates on slack what was happening with accounts. (Partnerbeat) has completely revolutionized how I look at my day-to-day."

Account Executive

B2B Tech