About Partnerbeat

Learn more about Partnerbeat and the team behind it.

Why Partnerbeat exists

Partnerbeat's mission is to help people improve their work relationships. With clients, prospects, partners, and teammates.

Great work relationships are built on impactful conversations and collaboration.

That's why Partnerbeat is dedicated to helping professionals like you have better conversations at work.

Who are we

Truth Seekers

We seek out the truth and say it like it is. We put all the cards on the table so we can make better decisions together. We listen well - to users and each other. We ask thought provoking questions, and aren't afraid to swim in chaos to get at the heart of why things are or aren't working. All with the goal of serving customers better.

Leave Ego Behind

We are confident, without the attitude. We don't defend decisions that no longer make sense. We welcome challenging eachother. And we believe ideas come from anyone.

Owners Mindset

Every one of us owns this business. And we act like it. We each feel comfortable scrutinizing anything with the goal of improvement, and we work ruthlessly to find answers. Even if its not in our scope.

Embrace Difficulty

We lean enthusiastically into things that feel hard. Unglamorous. Tedious. Or impossible. That is where we thrive. When others would give up. We don't. We keep iterating until we break through. This is our competitive advantage. And it's how we grow the most as professionals.

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